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Real Estate Negotiations Best Practices

Negotiations are everything in real estate. When working with an agent, they should know the best practices for negotiating the best deals for sellers and buyers alike. However, most agents do not think in a way to best capitalize on negotiations. 

Most agents typically think the first and only topic to negotiate is price. This is far from the truth. Successful negotiators in real estate understand price in addition to other terms, such as contingencies for physical inspection, finance, and escrow timelines. When we negotiate on behalf of clients, we are also looking at the motivations of all parties. Motivations may appear as having to sell in a guaranteed fashion, confirming that remaining mortgage payments or close of escrow dates do not exceed a certain timeline. 

When it comes to situations like this, price is not as important. It is important to work with an agent who understands negotiations from this perspective and knows how to bring all parties together to achieve win-win agreements. This way everyone is on the same page from multiple perspectives.

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