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Pros & Cons of FHA Loans

As the housing market continues to surge into 2020, home prices follow suit. Although we're seeing record prices across Southern California, we are still seeing record low interest rates which is keeping homes at an affordable level. While prices have risen along with the necessary down payments; it is still very possible to purchase with very little to no money down. 

This has been made possible by programs such as the most popular type of mortgage; the FHA loan, or Federal Housing Administration loan. It allows borrowers to utilize 0% - 3.5% down of their target home price to acquire a single family home, condo, or townhome as a PRIMARY residence. 

See the details below for pros & cons as well as loan limits by county. Simply EMAIL Me with any questions about this as well as other questions about the housing market. For more information on our Wealth Acceleration Program, check out the descriptions.

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